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Tina came highly recommended by family and we are SO Glad we went with her. She is very caring and understanding about our wants and needs. Tina was always available and willing to show all the houses we wanted to see; it was a lot and she never got frustrated with us. Tina is Fabulous! I couldn’t imagine anyone as a better Realtor.
L. Jones & N Wyman

Tina gave 100% undivided attention to us! She was very easy to communicate with. Tina is a friendly, positive and enthusiastic person; a genuinely awesome person. She stayed optimistic and encouraged us through rough times, going the extra mile all the way. Tina is thoughtful and genuine; we’re very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her. We could not have asked for a better Realtor. We will definitely refer and recommend her to family and friends! 
D & R Freeman & Schneider

We chose to work with Tina because of her personality. She was always working properties and always available to us.  Tina was fun, informative and always responsive. She hustled to get our offer submitted soon after we said we wanted the property, making every step flow with ease. We absolutely recommend Tina DeBoer!
B & J Hain

Tina DeBoer came with an outstanding reference. It was hands down the best experience with a Realtor. Tina gave excellent service. She knew what we wanted and helped us find our dream home. She’s the Best!
B Hain

What stands out most about Tina is her great communication, thoughtful advice and how quickly she responded to our questions and concerns.

Tina went above and beyond what I had expected and listened to me when I told her what I was looking for. She is a fantastic individual, beautiful inside and out. Tina answered all my questions and concerns quickly and professionally.  I wish I had found her sooner she is better than any Realtor I have ever had.

Tina was very comfortable to work with and knew what she was doing. She gave us personal attention and was always available when needed. Tina kept on top of the builder and helped us work with our lender. She was a pleasure to work with!
R & J Angulo

Tina DeBoer has an outstanding personality. She made it the best experience and was always there when I needed her. Tina explained everything step by step throughout the process. She couldn’t have been any better! Very professional returning calls promptly and answering all my questions. She is Excellent!
M Kemp

We would like to thank Tina for her kindness and unforgettable experience as she worked with us to achieve our goal. This was our first house and we had no knowledge of the process. She showed such love to us and honored my family with a very special gift. Thank you, Tina, for your wonderful service; now we have a place in America.
O Ntakarutimana

Tina made the whole process easy especially considering it started while we were out of state and hadn’t even seen the property yet. Tina was thorough and easy-going. Had it not been for her contract knowledge and suggestion of a specific clause we would have lost this deal. She is the reason it was accepted. We were very happy with this deal.
O Anonymous

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